Colleen Chapman 

Based in London, ON

©2019 by Audrey Colleen Chapman

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In an age when everything is about possessions and stuff, having mementos that stand the test of time is such a precious thing to me. My husband and I decided in the very beginning of our parenthood journey that we’d rather have annual photos to capture our little family at each moment, to cherish and keep long-term over material things that wouldn’t last. Colleen has done numerous photo sessions for us, in the most important moments of our lives, and having those precious memories captured forever is truly a gift beyond words. She is so kind and gentle, but also talented and wise in her gifting as a photographer. She knows not only how to capture the best of each fleeting moment, but also how to let it happen naturally even when “naturally” actually means having her professional guidance or assistance (like when small children don’t wish to cooperate). Give yourself or someone you love a gift that truly keeps on giving, with so much meaning – photos with an incredibly talented and lovely soul, who truly cares about giving you her very best each time. 

—  Janine Gordon, Client