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Thank you so much for you interest in my photography. Below are the types of lifestyle photography sessions I offer. Pricing includes your session and all usable photos. You will be provided with the edited full resolution digital files of all photos, including print release, and a password protected gallery that will allow you to download your images, and share your gallery with family and friends.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining fee is due the day of your session. 

Price for travel outside of London is an additional $0.40/km.

$50.00 return cheque fee.



Every family has their own unique story. My family and maternity sessions are meant to capture the heart of your family. The session will focus on the honest and beautiful connections your family shares.  I focus more on joy and interaction, and less on perfectly posed photos with everyone stiffly smiling at the camera. I want each member of your family to feel free to laugh, play and enjoy each other. 

Your session includes: 
- Approx 1-2 hours of shooting
- 1-2 predetermined locations 
- Unlimited wardrobe changes

- A minimum of 50 high-quality






In a season of hundreds of changes it is easy to overlook the joy and wonder of a newborn baby, and all the emotions that come as a new little one enters your family. These are precious and fleeting moments that ought not to be forgotten. This session will capture the intimate connection between you, your family, and your new baby. This session will include photos of your newborn in natural poses, but will focus more primarily on the the beautiful relationships within your new little family. 

Your session includes: 
- Approx 2-3 hours of shooting
- Shot in the comfort of your own home

- Unlimited wardrobe changes

- A minimum of 50 high-quality digitally edited images






This isn't just a photo session. This is the best and most beautiful way to capture the of heart and rhythm of your family. To me, this session is everything. This is why I started taking photos. I will capture your family's daily life, in it's messy, authentic, and beautiful imperfection. I will join you for 5+ hours, either at the start or end of the day, and will capture your family spending your most intimate moments together. It's better to not prep for this session, so that you can remember the beauty of the life of your family, as it truly is.


I want to give you photos where you children will be able to see you interacting with them. I want you to see and experience how your children see you. I want you children to be able to look back and vividly remember their childhood.  I want your photos to take you back to the smells and splashing at bath time, the chaos of feeding several mouths at once, and the soft sound of your toddler's breath as they fall asleep in your arms. I want you to remember the little, fleeting moments, that you perhaps thought of as mundane, so that you can see how rich, meaningful and beautiful your life really is. 

Your session includes: 
- Approx. 4 hours of shooting, either in morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening
- Shot in your home

- All usable high-quality digitally edited photos

- A gift box of your session, including a USB of all your photos 



It is so special to capture the life of an extended family. Parents and grandparents love to capture their growing families, and this is the PERFECT way to do it. This session includes several group shots, candid photos of the larger group, a mini session for each smaller family unit, and then different family combinations of your choosing (ie. Grandparents with their grandchildren, or grandpa and his grand daughters.)

Your session includes: 
- 1-2 hours of shooting
- 1 predetermined location
- No wardrobe changes
- A minimum of 70 high-qualit

photos to come



You know your family best, and sometimes a longer session may not suit your family in a particular season in life. These sessions will be held at several times throughout the year, typically at a predetermined location and date. You and your family will select a time slot of your choosing. I will still capture the heart of your family, however the variety within, and the number of photos you will receive will be limited. This type of session also works great for couples or maternity.

Your session includes: 
- 20-30 minutes of shooting

- 1 predetermined location
- No wardrobe changes
- 20-25 high-quality digitally edited photos

Pricing: Prices reflect the year 2018; pricing for future years subject to change.

Delivery:  High quality digital images will be provided to you in private gallery. Gallery will be sent to you within 2-4 weeks of session. Gallery will remain active for 60 days. 

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